National Bank of Vanuatu


Based on international assessments, Vanuatu is ranked one of the most vulnerable countries around the world prone to natural disasters annually, ranging from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to flash landslides and from tropical cyclones to severe tidal waves. The ever-changing forces of climate change, escalating annually, will continue to place the Vanuatu population at very high risk, especially with the aftermath consequences of these disasters.

To address the vulnerability of the population during natural disasters, the National Bank of Vanuatu realised this neglected need for the rural population, and together with a leading consultant “Qualao Consulting” designed 6 types of houses to reflect its social obligation to the country. These designs are owned by the National Bank of Vanuatu for the people of Vanuatu.

Each IsiHaus type is inclusive of a 3,000-litre fibreglass water tank, an underground water well and a solar power system.

IsiHaus is a living proof of our mission statement as it contributes to the economic growth of Vanuatu and leads the way for customers living in rural areas to access banking services.
It’s an affordable lending product and it’s in line with the government’s policies and priorities.


The IsiHaus product is unique in the Pacific, especially in Vanuatu. It is environmentally friendly and best suits ni-Vanuatu rural family housing needs.

IsiHaus can be built in any rural area in Vanuatu and does not necessarily require a mortgage as security for the loan. Root crops, cattle, poultry farms and Kava are some of the collaterals pledged by a customer when applying for an IsiHaus loan.

With IsiHaus, the Bank is focusing on not new to bank customers but customers whom the bank has been educating for the past 5 to 8 years through the bank’s financial literacy program across all provinces of Vanuatu. This is the basis of how individuals prepare themselves well ahead of time hence making it easy for low-income earners to have an affordable, safe and secure home.

The impact of IsiHaus for those that have already moved into their new home will provide safe and secure homes with safe drinking water supply and renewable energy sources with the ultimate intention of minimising risks associated with these natural disasters and climate change.

The IsiHaus is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a place where customers and their families can feel safe and secure. Having an IsiHaus can also make a customer feel more connected to their community.