Debit Mastercard®

Debit Mastercard®

NBV Debit Mastercard®

Using a Debit Mastercard® is an easy and safe way to do everyday banking because funds are directly debited from your account. With your Debit Mastercard®, you can safely make online payments with no additional international charges.

Benefits and features

Tap & Go™

NBV Debit Mastercard® has the contactless functionality that allows you to make everyday purchases quicker and safer by tapping on a card reader device which comes with the universal contactless symbol. Tap your card for purchases below 2,000 Vatu. No need to key in your PIN nor sign the POS receipt.

Cost Effective

There are no additional international transaction charges and fees.

Get Cash

Withdraw from any NBV or Mastercard® affiliated ATM locally and abroad.

World Presence

NBV Debit Mastercard® is accepted and recognised at million Mastercard® locations around the world, giving you unparalleled payment flexibility and convenience wherever you are.

Better Financial Control

Gives you greater control over your spending as purchases are drawn directly from your Debit Mastercard® transaction account and you only spend within your means. All purchases are reflected in your monthly bank statement, allowing you to manage your expenses wisely.

EMV-Chip Enabled

EMV is the global standard for card payments. It uses chip card technology to ensure every transaction is secure.


Pay for online purchases and services wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

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Eligibility criteria

To get an NBV Debit Mastercard®, you need to satisfy our eligibility criteria:

  • You must be an individual of 18 years of age or order; and
  • You must have an NBV Debit Mastercard® transaction account to link your card to.
How to get a Debit Mastercard®

To get an NBV Debit Mastercard®, please visit one of our branches in Port Vila, Luganville, Lakatoro, Lenekel or Saratamata and fill out an application form.

Read the Debit Mastercard® Terms and Conditions ↗ before making a decision and consider whether this product is appropriate for you.
Mastercard® is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.



Difference between IsiKad and Debit Mastercard®

IsiKad is NBV's home made local debit card that allows customers to make purchases in Vanuatu only.
With NBV's Debit Mastercard®, customers can make purchases online and overseas using Mastercard®'s international network.

Delivery time

The Debit Mastercard® is produced in New Zealand and it takes about a month to be delivered to your branch.
Note The global health situation is affecting the shipping lines worldwide and causes shipping delays. 

Change of PIN code
You can change your PIN to another 4 digits number of your own preference by selecting "PIN CHANGE" from the menu of any NBV​ ATM and following the instructions displayed on the screen.
Contactless technology

Mastercard® Tap & Go™ is a contactless technology that allows you to safely make purchases under VT 2,000 without entering your PIN code.

Temporary lock

You can temporarily lock your card if you need time to locate your misplaced card. To do this contact our Help Desk at (+678) 34628. Once located, call us back to unlock your card.

Fraudulent transaction

Contact our Help Desk at (+678) 34628 to verify the transaction and block your card if necessary. 

SMS updates

To receive regular SMS updates about your account activity, subscribe to IsiMS by visiting your local NBV branch.

If you have any questions, please contact us or visit your local branch.

Online banking at your fingertip

Manage your finances with our free IsiMobile app available on the Google Play store.
A secure and convenient way to manage your money on the go.